Tax Prep Forms

Below are links to some of the common forms that we use to begin the income tax preparation process. 

NOTE: The typical forms required for most taxpayers are denoted with an asterisk (*). Until we receive all of these forms, we cannot begin the tax preparation process. 

NOTE: Some of the documents and worksheets on this page are only necessary for specific situations and/or taxpayers (e.g., landlords and business owners). Please do not fill in or submit forms that do not pertain to you or your particular tax situation. If you are unsure, just ask us. 

NOTE: To expedite the tax preparation process, you may submit your income tax documents (W-2, 1099, etc.), receipts, statements, or any other relevant paperwork via our secure Send Files page. Please review the information and notes on that page prior to submitting any documents, and be sure to enter the same email address that you use for the forms on this page. 

NOTE:  If you are a new customer, you must send us a legible photocopy or picture of your current (non-expired) drivers license, federal/state/military ID card, or passport. You may submit this using our Send Files page.

For Completion, Submission, and Digital Signature:

Clicking these links will open the documents in a new tab/window where you can fill in your information and electronically sign the form. When you've finished, your completed form will be automatically encrypted and securely delivered to us via DocHub, so there is no need to print and mail or fax these documents, and no worries about lost envelopes, post office delays, or blurry fax copies. 

In accordance with the ESIGN Act, enacted June 30, 2000, contracts signed and sent via DocHub constitute legally binding agreements between the sender and receiver, and are treated no differently than traditional paper documents with "wet ink" signatures.

* Tax Prep Engagement  (required)

* Tax Prep Intake Form  (required)

* Privacy Policy  (required)

For Completion and Submission, when necessary:

The forms and worksheets below are standalone pages that can be completed using the free version of Adobe Reader, or any number of alternative PDF reader programs. These worksheets do not require a digital signature, so they are not linked to DocHub like the forms above. Instead, they should be completed, saved, and returned to us using the Submit button at the bottom of each form, or via our Send Files system. 

NOTE: Depending on your web browser's settings, clicking the links below will either open the forms in a new tab/window, or download the forms to your computer (most likely into the Downloads folder). 

Business Owner Data Sheet

Landlord Data Sheet

Asset Purchases / Capital Improvements Data Sheet


For Personal Reference:

Tax Prep Document Checklist

Default Fee Schedule

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