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To send us your files, please use the box below. Enter your email address and a note explaining who you are and what files you are sending us. Then click the "Choose File" button and browse to the location of the saved file on your computer. Using this method, you may send as many files as necessary at one time, provided no single file is larger than 2MB and the total of all files uploaded does not exceed 100MB.

Pro Tip: If you have a letter or other paper documents you need to send us (such as a W-2 or 1099), the best way is to take a picture of the document and convert it into a PDF file, rather than sending us the actual photograph. This is because picture files from many modern smartphones can be extremely large and may take a long time to upload. However, PDF documents are typically smaller and tend to transfer much more quickly. 

We recommend that you install a PDF scanner app on your tablet or smartphone, and send us files created with that instead. Our personal favorites are Adobe Scan (Android), iScanner (iOS), and Tiny Scanner (Android & iOS). These apps also allow you to create multi-page PDF documents, which makes it easier to keep related documents together in a single file.

NOTE: Please do not send us any files without speaking to one of our representatives first.


NOTE: You must leave your computer turned on and this web page open until the file transfer is complete. If you close this web page or turn off your computer before receiving confirmation that the files have been sent, we may not actually receive them.

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